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Slope Desktop Cabinet-Museum Display Cabinet

All products are self-inspected in the factory, and all materials used in the cabinet are strictly tested and inspected. All products are assembled and strictly controlled before leaving the factory.


Desktop Cabinet

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The desktop showcase is usually a five-sided glass cover installed on the steel structure base of the desktop design. The base can be of open design or closed design with cheeks on both sides. Apollo lock can be installed in the closed design lower box, and the lighting system power supply and display cabinet opening system can be installed inside and can be used as an additional separate storage space. Desktop showcase small size, security and excellent sealing performance. The opening method is usually hinge opening. In order to ensure the safety of opening, hydraulic springs are usually installed on both sides of the desktop cabinet to provide support. According to the needs of the exhibition, the desktop cabinet can be equipped with a lifting opening system to ensure the maximum exhibition layout space. The lighting system of the desktop cabinet display cabinet is regular configured as LED light bar or LED light post. The light angle, intensity and color temperature can be adjusted according to the exhibition demand. Also according to special exhibits and exhibition needs, equipped with light guide non-thermal fiber light lighting system.
Slope cabinet-the front and top are glass panels, and the other sides are solid panels made of veneer and structural panels, with inclined design.

After 26 years of accumulation, Wanda has set up offices in Beijing, Changsha, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and other places to provide professional technical services to the surrounding pavilions in a timely manner.


In-depth communication in the early stage, clear the exhibition needs of customers, and provide professional and perfect suggestions.

Respect the design, professional team and partners in various technical fields to work together to design ideas.

All products are self-inspected in the factory, all materials in the cabinet are strictly tested and inspected, all products are assembled before leaving the factory, and the products are strictly controlled.

· Professional packaging and full supervision of the transportation process, to ensure that the product quickly and safely arrived at the customer's designated location.

· Careful construction, professional installation and commissioning before delivery to ensure the stable operation of the showcase. Special personnel shall be assigned to carry out technical training to ensure that the staff of the museum master the use and maintenance of display cabinets.

· Establish customer files, regular telephone visits, regular on-site maintenance, and timely provide technical advice and software upgrade services.


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