Inner Mongolia Museum

Inner Mongolia Museum (English: Inner Mongolia Museum), formerly known as Inner Mongolia Museum, is located in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, adjacent to the Ulanchat Grand Theater in Inner Mongolia. The main building area of the museum is more than 50000 square meters, which is composed of exhibition hall area, cultural relics warehouse area, audience service area, business research area and multi-function hall.
The museum is the largest and most important museum institution in Inner Mongolia, with the functions of a history and nature museum. The exhibition is arranged according to the main line of grassland, highlighting regional and ethnic characteristics. The exhibits cover from fossils to existing creatures, from the origin of various ethnic groups to representative cultural relics of development and growth, revealing the brief process of the history of ecological changes and the history of grassland civilization in northern China. All exhibition halls of the museum are customized and delivered by Vanda Wenbo in accordance with international first-class standards.

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